In today's environment, companies want to maximize their product expertise and equipment usage, while minimizing inventories and freight costs. Core Logistic offers excellent reverse logistics services that allow companies to increase customer satisfaction by providing a complete view of their supply chains, including goods in the return loop. Core Logistic manages companies reverse logistics requirement including site, commercial and repair return; Recycling and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ) through coordination with technical team for return on a regional or interstate basis. Services include the use of air and road couriers. Core Logistic provides the distribution facilities; system and process expertise required to drive service levels up and costs down. Our low-cost reverse logistics program is the envy of the industry.

Well planned reverse logistics brings profitability through below mentioned key steps:

  • Establishing the returns process as a high-priority;
  • Realizing the critical nature of the returns process and treating returns as perishable assets; and
  • Utilizing technology to evaluate at the point of Site/ Customer returns.
  • Core Logistic Offers a Reverse Logistics strategy that reviews the following key elements with in the return process at any organization.


  • Goods acquisition
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Inspection and disposition
  • Packing; And Issuing repairable goods to supplier
  • Serially tracking of repair return goods from supplier and
  • Repair return goods tracking report from the day one of goods acquisition till return from supplier after repair